David Vasek

A little background on us. We are David, Amanda, Alek, Lily, and Daisy. We live in the Texas Hill Country region and enjoy all the benefits that living here has to offer- we spend a lot of time in the Great Outdoors. Over the years we have enjoyed camping in various scenarios. Over time we expanded to include some trips beyond the Texas borders.

Camping is the gateway to numerous other activities such as hiking, biking, hunting, and fishing. All of these we enjoy as often as we can. 

Aside from camping, we have spent considerable time and money in pursuit of vehicular activities. With one exception, we have mostly focused on "slow and steady" vehicles such as jeeps and trucks, and enjoy modifying those vehicles to suit out purposes.

Photography has played a big role in our family's life and continues to do so, although it is more common to have an iPhone stuck in your face than a big DSLR!

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