About Our Colorado Trips - David Vasek Photography


Amanda and I have made a few trip trips to Colorado, first to the Queen's cabin for an adventure in skiing. We followed that up with ANOTHER ski trip, this time with Kate and Emma in the back seat.

Once Alek and Lillia came along we didn't go skiing anymore, but we have made a few more trips to Colorado. As a family we took a week long trip to the Queen's cabin again. Then, Amanda and I went to Denver by ourselves for a quick getaway to celebrate Amanda's birthday.

We made a family trip to Snowmass Village, where David and Alek played in the snow. Lillia was still too little to really enjoy the trip, and the altitude got to her.

That was followed up by a family trip for a wedding in Denver, where we got to do some exploring with G-Mom and G-Pop, plus Auntie Em, Aunt Kate, and Uncle Craig.

We are by no means

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